ARIEL CAROL LORE: Lol! Hi handsome ;) Oct 14, 2013 15:07:47 GMT -5
COLLIN WINSTON MIDDLETON: I see my lovely lady ;) Oct 3, 2013 22:13:06 GMT -5
ARIEL CAROL LORE: Hey Oct 2, 2013 14:54:28 GMT -5
HANNAH CHRISTINE GRAYSON: hello all! Sept 29, 2013 13:11:20 GMT -5
ELLEN ELIZABETH WATSON: You'll learn in time. The twins will help Sept 18, 2013 22:39:08 GMT -5
ELLEN ELIZABETH WATSON: Thanks. I'm not sure if cute's the word I'd use, but I do love him. Sept 18, 2013 22:38:41 GMT -5
EMMA GRACE DANVERS (GOODMAN): Alec is always trying to get me to let go and have fun sometimes, but he knows me too well to hold on with a death grip Sept 18, 2013 22:37:20 GMT -5
EMMA GRACE DANVERS (GOODMAN): You and Lawson are so cute. I'm so glad you two came over for lunch the other day, and I'm glad you got to meet Caleb and Lindsey! Sept 18, 2013 22:36:34 GMT -5
ELLEN ELIZABETH WATSON: I ask myself the same question about Lawson. Sept 18, 2013 22:33:52 GMT -5
ELLEN ELIZABETH WATSON: That sounds familiar. I used to be that way. I still am, but I've learned to let go a little. Sept 18, 2013 22:33:39 GMT -5
EMMA GRACE DANVERS (GOODMAN): Alec is too good to me, how did I deserve him. I'm such a perfectionist that I am afraid to screw up Sept 18, 2013 22:30:10 GMT -5
ELLEN ELIZABETH WATSON: Everyone screws up. I've screwed up so many times I can't even keep track, but you just have to pick yourself up and learn to forgive yourself which can be the hardest thing to do Sept 18, 2013 22:28:38 GMT -5
EMMA GRACE DANVERS (GOODMAN): Sometimes I feel he's put too much faith in me, and I sometimes doubt myself Sept 18, 2013 22:27:12 GMT -5
EMMA GRACE DANVERS (GOODMAN): Thank you so much Ellen. I know Alec is there to encourage me, but sometimes I feel he's put me on this great mother pedestal. I'm afraid of screwing up. Sept 18, 2013 22:25:29 GMT -5
ELLEN ELIZABETH WATSON: I wouldn't worry too much Emma. You're very maternal, something I never was, and I managed to do it alone. If you ever need to talk about parenting, I'm always here Sept 18, 2013 22:10:52 GMT -5
ELLEN ELIZABETH WATSON: Ah, I see you've found yourself a good man. Sept 18, 2013 22:10:18 GMT -5
EMMA GRACE DANVERS (GOODMAN): I'm just worried about being a good mother. Since my own mother is no longer here to advice me. I just want to do her proud *nervous look* Sept 18, 2013 22:09:25 GMT -5
EMMA GRACE DANVERS (GOODMAN): well I think Alec will be worried when it comes to that age. He'll probably buy a shotgun and ward off any boy who comes a courting. Sept 18, 2013 22:08:32 GMT -5
ELLEN ELIZABETH WATSON: -laughs- you don't have to worry about that for a while. I told Victoria when she was going into sixth grade, but I think it also depends on the child Sept 18, 2013 22:07:23 GMT -5
EMMA GRACE DANVERS (GOODMAN): Hmmmm... at what age should I warn my daughter about boys? Sept 18, 2013 22:05:10 GMT -5
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